About Company

Lyhock Plast is a company that is active in plastic packaging, bottles, and vacuum package production which has high quality that can be adjusted to the business partner's needs.

Our company always be productive to give effective solutions to each of our customers and business partners' wishes. We always have commitment to give best service and product that meet the quality standard.

Supported by our professional and experienced labor in their field, they will always give high quality outcome and best services to our business partners.

Besides, we produced plastic packaging with high technology machine that is presented to complete everything that is needed, including Blow Moulding Extrusion, Polypropylene Plastic Bag (PP), and Polyethylene Plastic Bag (PE).

Clients & Partners

To be the low cost global leader in providing Customer-preferred packaging solutions.
Producing, distributing, and selling products that serve on time, according to customer needs, high-quality products, and a high level of service for our customer satisfaction.

Our Value

In order to fulfill business partners’ needs, we are one of the reliable companies that produce plastic packaging with the following advantages :


Commitments held in depth by having sense of responsibility, willing to do team works, sense of belonging to company, have good relationship between employes, performance and level of interest in work done in the company now or in the future is to achieve good common goals.


Work with wholeheartly, with might and power, full of spirit, never give up to achieve best results, focus on work.


Work with creative and innovative thinking to achieve maximum results effectively.


To work with passion to completion without half-heartedness. No matter how much our work is, we must finish it completely.

Our History

The history of the development of lyhock from its inception to development and is increasing every year.
  • 1980

    Lyhock was established in 1980, started with producing Polypropylene plastic packaging in Sumatera Utara.
  • 1983

    Lyhock expanded their business by expanding their production to HDPE Blow Moilding. We bring a lot of product inovations with best quality.
  • 1990

    Lyhock developed and expanded to plastic printing industry, until this time we always provide consistent quality and timely delivery.
  • 2000

    We built new factory and created second Blow Moulding Ga Division. Our activities include vacuum making and plastic packaging sheets, bottles, and vacuum package sales.

Qualification Certificate

Our Company persists in producing high quality products, strengthen products, quality management, active in accordance with the quality standard.
We pay more attention to the quality, abtain many certifications as ISO 9001 dan OHSAS 18001